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Affording Auto Repair

I wish that I knew how to do my own auto repairs, but I’m just not mechanically inclined. I’ve tried to learn to do basic things, but so far it just hasn’t worked out for me. Since I can’t save money by doing my auto repairs myself, I try to save money as best I can by shopping around for the best deals in auto repair in my town. I’ve also learned that even if I can’t fix my own car problems, I can educate myself about them. You’d be surprised how many repair shops will try to charge you for unnecessary repairs. I’ve learned enough that I understand how to spot those unnecessary charges and avoid them, and I stick with the shops that I know aren’t trying to cheat me.

Used Car Owner Guide: Replacing the Transmission Fluid and Filter on a Cargo Van

A cargo van typically spends a lot of time on the road during the year making deliveries and picking up supplies. Over time, the transmission fluid breaks down and isn't be able to continue providing the lubrication needed for the gears in your van to shift properly. Signs your transmission fluid needs replacing include slippage of gears, taking a moment or two before the gears engage after you put the van in drive, and hearing grinding noises coming from the transmission. Read More 

Practical Tips For Preventing Car Scratches And Swirls

Dents and scratches on your car can not only harm its appearance, but also negatively affect its resale value. Car owners often go to great lengths to prevent auto body damage that would cause others to see their car in a bad light. Here are some tips to protect your car during washing and while in public parking lots. Preventing scratches in parking lots One of the most common places where your car can suffer severe auto body damage is in parking lots at the gym, supermarket or other places where careless patrons and vandals pose a constant threat. Read More 

3 Things To Consider Before Painting Your Vehicle

You may want to paint your car for a number of reasons. For example, you may want to paint your car because you want to choose a color or design that matches your own personality or you want to paint over the paint that has faded or been damaged in a car accident. Whatever the case, you want to be sure that the reasons for painting your vehicle are legitimate to guarantee that it will increase the value of your car instead of lower it. Read More 

4 Tips For Repairing And Replacing Your Windshield

Even though most people conjure images of seatbelts and airbags when they think of automotive safety, the reality is that a car's windshield does more to protect you than any other single piece of equipment. Modern windshields consist of two layers of glass held together by a thin but extremely strong layer of vinyl. So when your car is hit from behind, or a large piece of debris comes flying into your windshield, you don't have to worry about the glass shattering and injuring you or other passengers. Read More 

Is Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency Wasting Money?

Gas prices keep rising, and most drivers want to go as far as they can on one tank. If you've noticed tugging or slower acceleration than usual, or if you seem to be filling up at the tank more often, consider a few fuel efficiency pointers that can help you understand the problem and hopefully keep your future driving fuel efficient. Take A Look At The Fuel Filter The fuels used in automobiles are made by many different processors at different concentrations. Read More