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Affording Auto Repair

I wish that I knew how to do my own auto repairs, but I’m just not mechanically inclined. I’ve tried to learn to do basic things, but so far it just hasn’t worked out for me. Since I can’t save money by doing my auto repairs myself, I try to save money as best I can by shopping around for the best deals in auto repair in my town. I’ve also learned that even if I can’t fix my own car problems, I can educate myself about them. You’d be surprised how many repair shops will try to charge you for unnecessary repairs. I’ve learned enough that I understand how to spot those unnecessary charges and avoid them, and I stick with the shops that I know aren’t trying to cheat me.

Remove Scratches From Your Car's Windshield And Protect It From Further Damage

Remove scratches from your car's windshield and protect it from further damage with a few simple steps. Being vigilant will lengthen the life of your windshield so that you will not have to pay for extensive repairs or risk having to purchase a replacement.

Use The Following Items

  • glass polish
  • electric buffer
  • buffing cloth
  • glass cleaner
  • lint-free cloths
  • painters tape
  • windshield repellent gel
  • windshield cover

Prepare And Buff The Surface

Clean your windshield's surface with glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth. By doing so, you will be able to clearly see which areas need to be buffed. Cover any areas next to the scratches with painters tape so that they do not come in contact with the glass polish. Pour a small amount of polish onto a lint-free cloth and wipe it onto the scratched areas.

Adjust an electric buffer to a low setting and gently apply it to the area that contains polish, moving it back and forth for a couple minutes. Finish up by wiping a buffing cloth over the glass until the scratches are no longer visible. If any residue is left behind, apply a small amount of glass cleaner to a lint free cloth and wipe it away.

Apply Windshield Repellent

Keep your windshield protected from further damage by applying a coating of windshield repellent gel to its entire surface. The gel will prevent dirt and water stains and will reduce the risk of scratches if your windshield wipers become dull. Pour a small amount of gel onto a clean cloth and rub it into the windshield's surface in circular motions.

Once the product is blended in well, wipe off the windshield with another clean cloth. The gel will last for several weeks. Reapply a new coating when you notice that water isn't beading up on the windshield's surface while it is raining.

Cover Your Windshield

Place a cover over your windshield when you park underneath trees or other overhangs that pose a threat. Covers can be purchased at automotive supply shops for a small fee. Many styles can be applied by rolling them out over the surface of your windshield. A cover will also prevent the threat of ice causing damage to your windshield during the winter.

Your windshield will not become scratched and you will avoid costly repairs by being careful when you are deciding where to park your car and by adding repellent and a cover to keep your windshield protected throughout the year. Get more tip by talking to a company like Clearbrook Glass Auto Glass.